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An important note about copyright

Here is the copyright statement from ‘Taroona 1808-1986 Farm Lands to a Garden Suburb' published by Taroona Historical Group in 1988:

This book is copyright apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission of the Group. However, should the book remain out of print for two years then the copyright to each article shall revert back to individual authors to whom permission to copy should then be sought.

There was one edition of 1000 copies, these were quickly sold, and the book has now been out of print from many years.

The authors and artists

At least 105 authors and several artists contributed to the book. Some contributors  are now deceased. Substantial efforts have been made to locate and contact extant contributors. In the case of deceased contributors, it can be assumed that ownership of copyright would flow to the person who inherits the residual of the estate. Efforts have also been made to contact the inheritors.

I am grateful to the authors and artists whom I have been able to contact for their cheerful willingness to give permission for their contributions to be digitised and made available online here.

All authors retain copyright to their work according to the above statement.

Major contributors Richard and Gwenda Lord

Richard Lord was Chairman of the Taroona Historical Group and led the production of the original volume. Richard Lord and his wife Gwenda were major contributors to the book and are now deceased. Their descendants have agreed to the digitising of these contributions and have requested that a Creative Commons Licence 3.0 (Attribution, no derivatives) be attached to the relevant sections.