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Meetings 2010

Notes from management committee meetings 2010

Management committee meeting - 7th. December 2010 

Present: Jon, Deirdre, Tim, Ruth, Nell (part time) and Jill (part time on speaker phone).

Topics discussed

1. Compost: It is agreed that making all our own compost is too onerous for the small group involved. But more help from members is required in order to compost our own spent crop and weed waste.
2. Herb signs: Ruth has prices for ceramic labels for the herb garden and will order them from the ceramicist. Ruth also to order some decorative items - ceramic snails and moisture indicators.

3. Netting: We need to net the raspberries and strawberries, in particular as blackbirds are now prevalent in the garden. It was suggested that frames can be constructed from polypipe and grape vine netting. Jon to ask David to provide advice on how to net fruit trees and bushes.

4. Gates for compost bays: Jon has obtained prices for installation of farm gates at the bays to allow for easier delivery of materials. Jon reported that one of the fence posts outside the bays is suitably strong and concreted in, other posts will need concreting. It was agreed to allocate about $1000 for gates and installation. Jon to go ahead and organise.

5. Mower: Tim has researched and reported that mowers range from $180-500. Four stroke preferred. Tim to get a firm quote for a mid-range reliable 4 stroke. It was agreed to spend up to $400.

6. Sign - informative, for street side of shed. It was agreed to get sign from Saunders Signs at quoted cost of $235, although Tim will check an alternative supplier before we make final decision. A more artistic sign at a later time as a community or children's project is to be considered.

7. Shelter: This was discussed. It was agreed that this project needs one enthusiastic person to take on the research and progress the issue. Possibly add to committee next year to progress garden plan.

8. Leaking water pipes: Jon suspects that there may be leaking water supply lines. Agreed to appeal to membership for someone with plumbing experience to investigate.

9. Summer Solstice - no one available to organise as this is so close to Christmas (Dec 22). If any member approaches c'tee we will ask them to organise an event, otherwise we will not have a celebration for summer solstice.

10. Working bees-Regular small working bee has started up each Friday morning - led by Gwen Smit. Rosie McKeand has suggested a regular bee on Wednesday evenings.

11. Advance notice of working bee: big working bee planned for 16th January - Sunday - from 2pm - tasks: weeding, mowing, fruit bush maintenance, compost turning.

12. Annual fee: to remain the same at $50 and concession $20, Assoc $10.

13. Treasurer/membership duties: Ruth is resigning from Finance/membership position next year. Thanks to Ruth for establishing the membership process. She will send out renewals for memberships in January and then resign. We need a new Finances/membership officer. Ask for volunteers.

14. Committee meetings for next year: Second Tuesday of the month. Every 2 months unless more frequency needed. Dates were marked on calendar.

15. Deirdre to do member email with these topics:
• Appeal for Plumber to look at water leakages
• Inform members that a sign and compost bay redesign are in progress.
• Blackbirds - give us your opinions - online discussion forum is suggested
• Jan 16 working bee
• New plan for dealing with twitch
• Annual fee: to remain the same at $50 and concession $20, Assoc $10.
• Ruth is resigning from the position of Treasurer. Ask for a volunteer.


Sunday 12 September 2010

Present: Deirdre, Jon, Jill, Ruth, Marion

Meeting was held at the garden

Items discussed

1. Crop rotation in community beds

It was decided that the two long community beds would be divided into four for the purposes of crop rotation. Rough temporary signs have been  made to indicate what will be planted into each section (following a rotation guide from Gardening Australia magazine).

As existing crops are removed, new vegetables will be sown or planted according to the plan.

2. Developing a garden plan - member consultation

Advance notice - Sunday October 31st at the community hall, 2-4 pm.

3. Compost bays and bulk deliveries

Current design does not allow bulk deliveries directly into bays. Materials are dumped onto footpath and have to be wheelbarrowed into the bays. Bagged deliveries are more costly. Two options were discussed

  1. Remove fence in clear area below shed and redesign and build bays.
  2. Remove fence in front of existing bays and replace with 2 farm gates that can be swung open to allow direct dumping.

Option 2 was preferred (Option 1 requires significant input of labour, and relocation of herb garden.)

Action: Jon will get two quotes for removal of fence and replacement with farm gates.

4. Lower inner perimeter beds

These have not been weeded and cleaned up at recent working bees. Committe decided that the brambles would be removed altogether and Marion's plan for a series of small plots (leaving sufficient space around the fruit tree roots)  could be put in place. Plan will be started at the end closest to the lower gate.

Action: Marion to investigate options for materials and costs.

5. Worm farms

The bin which has been maturing is now ready for use, so please take a couple of buckets full to dig into your plot. The sunken pot in this bin is an attempt to capture worms (which can then be relocated to teh active bin). But inevitably there will be some worms in the castings you extract. You can minimise this by opening the lid for a few minutes before you extract castings to let the worms descend away from the light. Wait a few days before putting seeds or seedlings into your plot as the birds are attracted to any worms that they detect in the soil.

6. Green house

Would you like a spot in the green house? Help yourself to a numbered section if you want to grow seedlings and cuttings.

7. A couple of points to note:

  1. We are an organic neighbourhood garden and do not use poisons, including weedicides. For our guidelines on how to control weeds and pests, please see our website.
  2. Please turn taps of TIGHTLY after watering and coil the hose around the stand. The top tap in particular drips and a bog has formed around it.

We realise that we haven't got a very good new member introduction and orientation process, but Nel Smit is working on a plan for this, and it will be circulated before the members meeting on October 31st.

See other pages on this website for TNG principles, and links to crop rotation and seasonal planting guides.


Monday 20 July, 2010

Present: Deirdre, Jill, Tim, Nel, Ruth and Marion        Apologies: Jon



Ruth presented a financial report. There is $2434.57 in kitty.

Sustainable Living Tasmania organisational membership now due $60 per year or $160 for 3 years. It was agreed that we would take out 3 years membership and add donation of $40 (total  $200) .

Action: Ruth to download membership form and send in subscription and donation.

It was agreed that we should buy additional supplies of lime, and also some pulverised manure and canola meal.

Membership fees:  Discussion about fees. It was agreed to keep membership fee the same and stop charging for compost (if used in TNG plot) for the time being. And other all materials will also be free. This decision can be reviewed in future if financial position changes.

2. Workshops

Suggested future workshop in making complete organic fertiliser to the recipe of Steve Solomon, according to his recipe published in "Growing Vegetables in the South of Australia."

Action: Nel to talk to Jon re what is needed for compost making and for fertilisers, and also to investigate feasibility of Solomon compost workshop and what ingredients need to be purchased. (possibility of excursion to Middleton to visit a compost expert, with follow up workshop at TNG.)

3. Garden Plan Development

Nel had previously circulated by email a version of a policy and procedures and management plan document she is developing for Community Gardens. The version has been customised for TNG. The need for a process for TNG members to participate in making a future development and management plan for TNG was discussed, and it was agreed that a meeting of members could be called in Spring.

Action: Jill to investigate person to facilitate a community session on developing a basic site plan for TNG, with prioritising of actions. The statement of purpose from Nel's document will be circulated to members prior to the facilitated session as background.

4. Signage

In response to the TNG survey, the committee decided that the only signage would be plot signs and the green flags and the instructional signs on the compost bins and other places. The noticeboards are for garden business only, ie related to bed management and notices of working bees, tasks, current events. Religious and political notices are not appropriate.

5.Safety Gear

A box to be bought and filled with safety glasses, gloves, sunscreen and donated hats.

Action: Deirdre to buy equipment and place in box in shed.

Meeting closed at 10pm.

 Items held over until the next meeting of the management committee include:

  • defining the rights of Associate membership
  • is it feasible to invite all of the community to TNG events
  • management plan
  • more thorough examination of the member survey comments.


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Minutes of a meeting of the management committee held at Tim O'Loughlin's house at 7.30 pm

Present: Tim, Jon, Marion, Deirdre, Nel (came part way through)

Apologies: Carolyn, Ruth, Jill


1. Manager

The suggestion for the appointmentof a single manager was discussed. It was agreed that as the TNG has a management committee it is not necessary also to have amanger. TNG does not have any commitment to hiring a manager. Any savings made by new sponsoring arrangements will be used to enhance the garden or to keep membership fees low.

2. Survey of member opinions

The draft survey was reviewed and some changes to questions were suggested. After editing it will be reviewed again bythe committee and then members will be invited to complete it. It will be available on the TNG webpages, with printed copies made available for members who dont have internet access.

3. Garden Plan

This needs to be developed with due thought and consultation and over time. It was agreed that we could break up the two community beds into 4 beds to experiment in growing larger crops and carrying out crop rotation. It was agreed that this woudl be a good way to demonstrate rotation, show what is seaonal and will address the current inconsistent planting and untidiness of these beds.

In near future we will also investigate the possibility of creating small patches on the inner perimeter to address the waiting list or for children, with due consideration given to theneed to keep cultivation clear of the fruit tree roots.

Jon will orgabnise purchase of gypsum and lime.

Need to consider the re-design of the compost area to make deliveries more efficient.

Nel will be able to show us a draft of a Community Garden Guide she is currently working on for another project soon.

On the calendar:

  • Solstice celebration Sunday June 20 - invite community, hold at Apex Park BBQs, bring your own everything. Deirdre to liaise with Lyn re Possums involvement with lantern parade.
  • June 27th: Cooking with Kevin
  • July 18: Pruning: Nel and Caroline to organise
  • August: Something arty? Deirdre and Lucy Bleach?

Meeting closed about 10pm.