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Meetings 2012

Minutes of the inaugural Annual General Meeting

held at 7.30 pm, Thursday 23 February 2012 in the Community Hall


Tim O'Loughlin (Chair), Jon Hurn, Deirdre Brown, Tina Curtis, Lesley Hall, Sharon Smith, Hazel  Roper-Power, Ruth Butler, Melanie and Peter Thompson, Lyn Long, Chris and Simon Grove, Gwen Smit. Jill Hickie, Marion Fitzgerald and Ken Erger attended part way through the meeting.


 Roslyn Nixon, Nel Smit.

Welcome and Introduction

Tim welcomed members and briefly outlined the history of the Taroona Neighbourhood Garden. Deirdre briefly outlined the reasons for the move to set up a more formal community organisation structure in the form of the Taroona Neighbourhood Garden Association, and indicated that a draft constitution is available on the TNG website.


"That this meeting endorses the decision of the interim committee to adopt the draft constitution and elect office bearers and a committee." Moved: Jon, seconded: Jill

The motion was carried unanimously.

Elections to management committee

Tim took nominations for 3 Executive positions (Treasurer, Secretary, President), and conducted elections. All nominees were elected unopposed.

  • President: Jon Hurn (Nominated by Tina/Tim)
  • Secretary: Deirdre Brown (Nominated by Simon/Tina)
  • Treasurer: Lesley Hall (Nominated by Jill/Jon)

Nominations for committee members were taken, and all were elected unopposed. Committee members are:

  • Roslyn Nixon, Tina Curtis, Gwen Smit, Simon Grove, Hazel Roper-Power.


Members at the meeting discussed the state of the outer perimeter of the garden, and fruit tree care. These matters will be referred to the new management committee as priorities.

Meeting closed at about 9 pm.