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Member News 2021

December 15th

Our next working bee will be on Sunday 13 February in the new year.

 But meanwhile there is lots to do in the garden

We ask members to spend a little time when you visit weeding in the two community plots or on the perimeter around the fruit trees. On the perimeter (we are now calling it ‘The Long Orchard’) use a fork to lift the heavy mulch, then lower it over the weeds which have come through. Hopefully this action, repeated over time, will frustrate and harass the weeds into submission!

“BAD” weeds such as twitch (couch or rope grass), onion twitch and oxalis, and woody stems can be put in the council green bin. Other weeds and vegetable waste should go in the compost preparation bays. (See for photos of invasive weeds)

For ideas about what to do in your own plot, see our planting/sowing guides here:

Watering restrictions (stage 1) are now in place.

You can water your plots and gardens with hose or watering can at any time. If you are at the garden and the soil is dry could you please put some water on the brassicas and zucchini in the long shared (community) plots. It is best to direct the water gently at the ground, not onto the leaves. Water forms tiny ‘lenses’ on the leaves which focus the sun and burn them.

Please, no more dogs in the garden

In the past we have allowed dogs on a lead in the garden, but in line with current hygiene and safety practice in playgrounds and enclosed public gardens, the committee has decided that we can no longer allow dogs in TNG.

Subs due in January

We will send you an email about subscription renewal in January. We use only email to communicate with our members, but all the news can also be found on our website:, You may also like to join and contribute to our Facebook Page:

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year, and Happy Gardening to all our members and their families

From your TNG committee


November 10th.

Next working bee

Sunday November 14th 2-4pm. Shared afternoon tea at 4pm.

Our main task will be to get the shared (community ) plots planted out, and if we have enough people we may also clear weeds from around the fruit trees in the perimeter orchard. Planting out has been delayed by wet weather and other factors, so we hope to have a good attendance to get the urgent job of Spring planting done! Please come along, even if you can only spare an hour. There will be seeds and possibly some spare seedlings for you to put in your own plots too.

Grow Your Own Food Festival

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the very successful festival. A special thanks to Judy and Chris who propagated the seedlings and did most of the organisation of the festival. The profit for TNG was $960.

Nel has posted some photographs onto the TNG Facebook site. Visit the site to view them:

Garden Bed repairs

We owe many thanks also to our hard working plot repair team, who have spent many weekends repairing the ageing structure on several plots. Nine plots in the lower part of the garden have now been repaired, replacing the dangerous metal siding with sturdy timber planks.

Fruit Tree Team

The trees in the ‘long orchard’ were pruned and cared for over winter and are now in full bloom/carrying baby fruits. Thanks also to the hardworking fruit tree team led by David.

December working bee and Celebration

We will bring the date of our December event forward to

Sunday December 12th, 3-5pm, BBQ to follow

We have sausages and accompaniments we were unable to use for the delayed Festival which have been kept frozen. We invite all our members and their families to come along to our final event for 2021 for a BBQ. Peter will start cooking around 5pm. Bring your own drinks. We look forward to seeing everyone there.


 October 2nd.

Our Grow Your Own Food Festival on Sunday October 17th is our big fundraiser for this year.
Volunteers are needed for many tasks.
Please volunteer for an hour or two. The Festival runs from 10am-2pm but there are many jobs outside of these times too.
On Friday 15th: People needed to collect equipment from Kingborough Council and bring to Taroona.
On Sunday: 8am-10am: Erect marquees, organise tables, general set-up duties.
On Sunday 10am-2pm: Take a one or two hour shift to:
  • Staff gates, ensure check-in, count people in.
  • Staff food stalls
  • Act as cashier on stalls.
  • Staff seedling stall.
  • Assist with cuttings table, and with children's 'succulent flower pot gardens' activity
  • Manage children's 'peas in a cardboard roll' activity.
On Sunday 2pm onwards:
Clean up and bump out.
Monday 18th: Return gear to Kingborough Council.
Cakes wanted: The food stalls were a very good fundraiser and were enjoyed by many last year. Please let us know if you can contribute a cafe style cake, that is one which cuts up into several generous slices.

Next working bee: Sunday 10th October, 2-4pm

This bee will be important to get the garden spruced up ready for the 17th.
Prepare your plot-compost now available
It is hoped that all members can clean up their plots  and remove over-mature vegetables and weeds in preparation for Spring planting, and so that we can present the garden looking at its best. Get a barrow load of compost from the pile which was delivered on Friday to top dress.
Would you like to take part in University research?
We have a request from Dr Rebecca Banham and Professor Douglas Ezzy (both of the University of Tasmania), for community garden participants to be interviewed about their experiences. If you would like to participate, or want to know more, please let us know by return email and we will send you the documentation.

Special news letter October 1st.

We are sorry to have to report a disturbing theft from our garden in the last day or two – 8 trays of advanced seedlings from our locked greenhouse. The lock was recently installed to deter some unknown people who had been smoking in the greenhouse and who had scattered potting soil and vermiculite around. However the recent thieves were more serious and jemmied off the hasp of the lock to remove a substantial amount of seedlings. They would have had a vehicle.

We are all aware of occasional misappropriations from the garden. These are usually small – some broccoli, a couple of pumpkins; sometimes larger – three rows of garlic, several rows of spring carrots. Recently we have also lost a spade, long handled clippers, a hammer, and hose fittings including the large watering wand. Then a whole lemon tree was stolen!

The recent theft seriously affects our profits from the planned Grow Your Own Food Festival in October, as we have lost potential profits but also the cost of the potting soil, seeds and pots purchased to propagate them. And of course the hours of time and dedication put into the propagation by Judy and her assistants.

We would ask our members and friends to be observant and let the committee know if you see any suspicious activity. Also please report any thefts of produce. We are compiling a list and are seeking assistance from Kingston Police.

September 16th.

Next working bee, Sunday September  19th, 2-3.30pm

This will be a special working bee because we will break from work at 3pm for the unveiling of a new sign by David Stephen. The sign acknowledges David’s work in setting up the garden and answers some of the queries visitors often make. David has sold his house and is leaving Taroona so this will be an opportunity to thank him for his generous assistance to local community organisations over many years.

Please bring afternoon tea to share, following the unveiling.

Grow your own food festival - Sunday October 17th, 10am – 2pm

Come along and buy your Spring seedlings. Lots of other activities too!

See the poster here

We will be asking members to donate café style cakes for the morning tea (a very good fundraiser) and to work for a couple of hours on one of the tasks. A list of tasks will be available in a couple of weeks.

Andrew Wilkie visit

Thank you to all who attended the very successful special bee last Sunday, when Andrew Wilkie MHR visited to see the garden, meet the members and plant a tree. We have received a thank you letter from Andrew saying how much he enjoyed the visit.

Plot repair

Repair of plots is advancing at a steady pace, thanks to the hard work of the repair team. The team would welcome any offers of help. No particular skills are needed, and all materials and equipment are provided. The next working sessions will be: Sunday 19th, Saturday 25th September, Sunday 26th September

If you can help on one of those dates, please email back and let us know.

What goes in green bin and compost bins

We have three ways to dispose of plant waste from plots. It is important to sort and use the correct destination for waste.

  1. Council provided GREEN BIN: should be used for twitch (aka rope grass, couch), the woody stems of old brassicas and overgrown beet, bulbous weeds such as oxalis, white weed, seed heads of weeds ONLY . The bin has been overfilled within a day or two of emptying lately. Please do not just dump the products of plot weeding in there holus bolus. If we have extra rubbish that cannot go in the green bin, we must use our funds to do tip runs!
  2. COMPOST BAYS: Follow the new signs on the bays please. Deposit chopped vegetable waste, non invasive weeds (seed heads removed). No rocks or lumps of soil.
  3. Over production of still-good vegetables: Please bundle up and put on the free food shelves. Beet and kale etc can be put in water in one of the small buckets.


The committee recommends you bring a mask to wear if you are using mulch from the big bale. Also recommended when opening and spreading potting soil, sheep manure etc.


September 10th

Sunday September 12 at 2pm-4pm
Members, please come along to the garden and meet Andrew Wilkie. MHR for Clarke.
Andrew has recommended our fruit tree carers program to be funded through the Commonwealth stronger Communities Volunteer Grants Program.
We would like to demonstrate to Andrew the strength of our community of food growers and show him around our garden, and request as many as possible of our members to attend. As part of the activities we will be asking Andrew to plant a fruit tree to replace the lemon tree which was recently removed from its position near the lower gate by persons unknown.
The plot repair team will be in full action and will welcome any assistance from members, but other tasks will be minimal and light - mainly clearing the shared plots of weeds ready for spring sowing/planting.
It would also be great if plot holders could remove spent vegetables (gone to see broccoli for example) and tidy plots before Sunday.
We will share afternoon tea at 3.30pm.
Please RSVP to email to let us know if you can attend, and if you can bring a small plate of afternoon tea to share. The committee will bring hot drink supplies.
The regular working bee will still take place on Sunday 19th September.

August 12th.

Working bee date change

Next working bee is Saturday 14 August, 2-3.30 pm. Please note that we have changed the day from Sunday to Saturday so that those who wish can attend the Taroona Visioning workshop. (details- see here):

Tasks: Stack tree prunings in David’s ute for removal to the tip – even if you have only half an hour we appreciate help with this task.  

Other tasks: Mulch perimeter, check irrigation system, sow peas and lettuce in community plots.

Top of Nubeena Crescent road works. If driving to the garden over the next few days, come via Taroona Crescent and Batchelor way as pedestrian improvements to the Nubeena Crescent corner are blocking through traffic.

Grow Your Own Food Festival

Our spring celebration to be called Grow Your Own Food Festival will be held on Sunday 17th. October.

You may have seen that the greenhouse is now bursting with seedling trays, thanks to the hard work of Judy who is preparing to propagate a range of healthy seedlings for sale to members and the public on the day.

Next month we will be asking for volunteers to join the committee members to staff stalls, bake cakes, spruce up the garden in preparation and to help out with a number of other tasks.

Fruit tree team

A small team has been working with David to carry out winter maintenance on fruit trees and berries. If you would like to join the team to learn more about tree care and to assist in TNG maintenance of our ‘Perimeter Orchard” please send a response to this email and we will put you in contact.

Dates coming up:

September working bee: Sunday 18 September 2-4pm

October working bees: Sunday  10 October and Saturday 16 October, 2-4pm (to prepare the garden for the festival)

Grow Your Own Food Festival: Sunday 17 October, 10-2pm

Vegetable tip

No resurrection for Cauliflower and cabbage!

Once cabbage and cauliflower heads have been harvested, pull the entire plant from the ground and chop it up and deposit in the compost bay. Cauliflower and cabbage do not resprout, and roots and stems left in situ  harbour pests and diseases that can affect future crops. In the case of broccoli, you will get a secondary crop of sprouts which can be eaten, but over time, with regular harvesting, they will diminish in size and develop their yellow flowers more rapidly. Then it is time to say goodbye and to remove the whole plant from the soil as is recommended for other brassicas.



Next Working bee

 Next working bee is Sunday 18 July 2-3.30

 A special plea to our members!!

 We have several quick tasks that require a small team of helpers – please come even if you can only be there for 20-30 minutes. We need to move the hay bale to stop animals getting in and this requires a few people. Other tasks are moving large items out the shed and preparing a planting hole for the walnut tree in the park.

 Grant opportunity

 Kingborough Community Grants are now open and we’d like to apply for funding (up to $3000) to enhance the garden and the members’ enjoyment of it. Do you have some ideas? Please send them via return email.

 We need a new Committee member

 Committee member Cawley has recently resigned, leaving a vacancy. Would you like to join our committee?  We meet on the second Tuesday evening of each month at 7.30pm and usually complete business by 9pm. It’s a great way to be involved in decisions about the management and future of the garden.

 Fruit tree management

 David Coleman has established a fruit tree management team. Armed with a bunch of sparkling new tools and lots of knowledge to share, David is leading a small group to manage our perimeter trees to greater fruitfulness and health. If you would like to participate please send a message by return email.

 June 10th.

Next working bee

Sunday 13 June 2-3.30pm Everybody is welcome! Please come along and join in!

David will be showing fruit tree pruning and care with members of the Fruit Tree Care group and he will welcome anyone who would like to join in. We have good quality new tools to use!!

Other jobs include bed repair and general clean-up and removal of spent crops. Compost turning too.

We will not cancel unless the weather is really very wet. We will have shared afternoon tea at 3.30pm.

Thank you Kingborough Council

Regarding bed repair, we have a $1000 grant from Kingborough Council for purchase of timber and fixings, all we need now are some willing workers to help Christophe with this very necessary task. Work continues at the bee on Sunday, so please help if you can.

What to sow now

From Peter Cundall’s gardening guide:

PLANT: Asparagus crowns, early potatoes, rhubarb divisions, globe artichoke suckers, chives, shallots and garlic cloves.

SOW: Long-keeping, salad and spring onions, broadbeans and English spinach. In containers under glass or indoors sow seed of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli to raise seedlings for August planting.

Broad Beans and Green Manure

We will have seeds of both broad beans and green manure available at the working bee if you would like to plant a good cover crop in your plot for winter.

For more about what to grow now see our website:

TPS Students donation - update

In April the TPS students donated money to TNG for trees. In consultation with the TPS student parliament, a plan was made to plant a walnut tree, mulberry tree, grape vines, kiwifruit and passionfruit. Feijoas are also a possibility. We have consulted with Kingborough Council’s Landscape Architect and Property Manager and have permission to plant a walnut tree in the park area between the tennis court and the garden. A mulberry is considered not suitable owing to birds spreading fruit stains far and wide, and we agree this is a potential nuisance. We are in process of buying a walnut tree, table grape vines and Kiwi fruit vine. Passionfruit is not readily available at the moment so we will reconsider other possibilities in Spring.

Send  enquiries to if you need more information on any of the above.

May 13th.

The Mowers Lament

We have received this plea from a member of our dedicated mowing team.

Just to ease our little task,

Would it be too much to ask,

To mend your broken beds*,

To keep your plants within their bounds,

To fix your netting to the base,

And please roll up your hose.

We have several members who diligently keep the grass mown around the garden. This can take hours each month, please consider these wonderful volunteers.  * plot renovation is in our plans, but the other issues are definitely the responsibility of plot holders!

Hints: Pegs for securing netting can be purchased for a very small price at discount stores. Every hose has a fixture or place for it to be neatly rolled up or hung after use.

A big thank you to the mowing team, and to all our other volunteer workers who keep the garden looking good.

Safety in the garden

NO BARE FEET in the garden! This applies to everyone of any age. Always wear footwear. Covered shoes or gumboots are recommended. With plot renovation in progress, there is an increased risk from lost nails and splinters, and bees and wasps on flowers in the grass are also a hazard.

Next working bee

Sunday May 16, 2-4. Shared afternoon tea at 4pm.

Children’s garden activities

We welcome suggestions for activities for children at working bees. Any ideas? Send to return email please.

Return of pots

If you have the green seedling trays used for last years Seeds of Hope, could you return them to the greenhouse please. We also need the small 7cm pots and forestry tubes. Please leave in the bucket outside the greenhouse.

Fruit Fly traps

Biosecurity Tasmania has selected TNG as a site for fruit fly traps for their monitoring program. Traps have been installed on apple trees on the lower perimeter. Please do not touch or move them. Biosecurity officers will check them regularly to see if any of the target species have been caught. While we hope none are detected, we are proud to be taking part in the monitoring program. If you would like more information, please respond to this email and we will send you some.

Taroona Primary School tree donation

Children at TPS raised money at a ‘Tree Dress Day’ and very generously donated $150 for purchase of trees at TNG. A group of us hosted TPS Parliament representatives at the garden last month and discussed ideas for the expenditure of the money (and we can add some of our own funds too!)

 In consultation with the children it was agreed that a male kiwi fruit vine (we have currently a lonely female kiwifruit on the side fence) and black passionfruit would be bought for the top entrance area, and a table grape vine would replace the currently non-fruiting variety on the fence behind the herb garden.

The children liked the idea of having a mulberry and walnut tree too. As these are both large trees, we need to explore some further options for growing them.

Here is a photograph of the TPS representatives meeting members in the garden.

TPS Parliament reps and TNG members meet to talk trees, April 28, 2021TPS Parliament reps and TNG members meet to talk trees, April 28, 2021



April 15th.

 Next working bee

 Sunday 18 April, 2-4pm

 Shared afternoon tea at 4pm, weather permitting.

 Please come along and help with some urgent tasks.

  1. Spend half an hour or so digging out and wheelbarrowing away some soil from the next plots to be renovated.
  2. Start work on next reconstruction – ie cutting and fixing timber sides, lining, replacing soil.
  3. Running the mower over accumulated green waste for compost making.

Plot reconstruction

Calling for a few volunteers to join Christophe in reconstruction of plots, both on Sunday and on other days (to be organized). There is demolition and building work, and also the removal and replacement of soil from plot edges to allow the placement and assembly of new sides and ends.

The first prototype of a renovated plot can be seen near the bottom gate (Plot 50). Thank you to Christophe and his helpers for a magnificent result! Renovation of one plot takes about 10 person/hours, much of that in removing soil. Volunteers welcome! Please reply to

Wanted – return of seedling trays and pots

Planning for a Spring open day is underway, but we need the return of the green seedling trays and suitable pots. We need ONLY the specified pots. Please do not leave them in the greenhouse, but place in the yellow or red bucket by the worm farm.

 Fruit tree carers wanted

 Marian is building a team to manage the perimeter fruit trees through all seasons. If you would like to join the team, and learn about fruit tree management at the same time, please respond to this email and we will put you in touch.

Covid Safe and Check In Tas App

TNG now has a Check in Tas App QR code. If you are coming to an event at the garden after 1 May (including a working bee) you will need to check in using the code. We will display posters at each gate.

Special donation from Taroona Primary School students

TPS students held a ‘TREE DRESS DAY’ and then made a generous donation to TNG for purchase of trees. To celebrate this donation in suitable manner, and to decide on the best way to use it, we have invited student representatives and their teacher to TNG for afternoon tea and a discussion of ideas.

 Trees and Tea: April 28 at 1.15pm.

Please send in your ideas (by return email) and come along on 28th if you can.

Don’t forget

…to get your sheep poo and compost for your plot if you haven’t already.

…to bring your deposits for the worm farm. Cover with a scoop of dry matter from the bin beside the farm.

Worm farm handy hint:  One of our members has the brilliant idea of lining her ‘yuk bucket’ (ie worm farm scraps) with shredded paper. Tip out the yuk, paper lands on top, covering the deposit. Job Done!! You could even line your bucket at the farm from the bin.

If you have autumn leaves to dispose of, bag them and bring to the garden and leave beside the worm farm. They make a great carbon addition to the farm.

April 11th.

Calling for Fruit Tree Carers

We’d love your help to care for our fruit trees, and are calling for members to join a new team.

 We are gradually reserving more of the perimeter area to allow better access to the trees and to keep them in better health and more productive. We will also buy some better tools to enable more efficient work.

There will be a new an annual plan, but to get the ball rolling, we need to prune the stone fruit trees (Apricots, peaches, cherries, plums and almonds) as soon as possible. Other fruit trees can cope with pruning in cooler weather.

 We also need to pick up fallen fruit and dispose of them and mulch.

Who do we need?

Anyone willing to give it a go: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t pruned fruit trees before- I will provide guidance and printed notes for you to keep. Children willing to pick up fruit very welcome.

What will you need?

Tools such as secateurs, loppers, pruning saws- if you have them.

Comfortable clothes safe to work in.

When will we do it?

A weekend session on either April 24 or 25 and a mid week session on Thursday 22, to suit different people. (The next rain free days according to BOM).

If you can help, please let us know know which days and times(morning or afternoon) would suit you.

Please send all enquiries and offers to email:

March 25th.

AGM results

The new committee and office bearers elected (unopposed) at our AGM on Monday evening are:

President: Michael Lynch

Secretary: Deirdre Brown

Treasurer: Christophe Marcant

Committee members: Margaret James, David Coleman, Judy Keen, Peter Lutz, Cawley Farrell, Nel Smit.

We thank Margaret James for her dedication and work as President for the last few years. She will remain on the committee so her knowledge and experience of managing the garden will not be lost to us. Thank you also to retiring members of the committee, Tina Curtis, Bridget Green and Cate Chapman, each of whom has put in hours of work to develop and maintain the garden and the members’ interests.

You can read the outgoing president’s annual report here.

Fruit Fly monitoring

TNG has been approached by Biosecurity Tasmania to host fruit fly traps. If we are chosen to participate you may see 1-3 traps on trees and officers  visiting to monitor them. More information here.

Rebuilding of plots

We are embarking on a project to fix the crumbling structure of many of our plots. Eventually we hope to make all plots of similar size (about 1.5 x 4 m) which means some plots will be reduced in area a little, and smaller ones substantially enlarged. Christophe and David are leading the project and will construct 3 prototypes for consideration, beginning with plots 47, 48 and 50. Plot holders will be given plenty of advance notice when it is their turn. If you are able to assist with the rebuild, we’d love to hear from you.

Sheep manure and compost

There is a bag of sheep manure for each plot. Please get yours from the bay and spread it on your plot. We are also taking delivery of a load of compost soon, and each plot owner can take a barrow load for replenishing their plot.

Worm Farm

Worm Farm is now fully operational and can take your deposits. Please obey the instructions on the sign on the farm about what should and should not be added. It is also helpful if whole fruits and vegetables can be cut up, so that they will be broken down more quickly. Please cover deposits with the dry material in the bin beside the farm and replace the hessian over the top. If you are gathering up autumn leaves in your home garden, we’d love to have them added to the worm farm.

Spare Produce

Don’t forget about our “Free Food Shelves” if you have spare produce. If you cant get to the garden to harvest, please drop a line to this email address and a committee member will harvest your produce and put it on the shelves. It is a shame to see good vegetables going to waste and over-maturing or rotting in plots. The shelves will also take spare fruit and vegetables from home gardens.


March 11th.

Next working bee - This Sunday 14 March, 2-4pm

with our usual shared afternoon tea at 4pm. All welcome

 Annual General Meeting - Monday March 22 at 7pm at St Lukes Hall*

 We hope that all members will attend. The formal part of the meeting will be kept to a minimum and will be followed by a presentation on birds in our local garden from Mick Brown, and that will be followed by supper. There are lucky door prizes too!

 The formal business of the meeting is:

  •  Outgoing President’s report
  • financial report
  • motion to accept last years minutes
  • vote to accept the new constitution.
  • Election of executive and committee for 2021. We can accept nominations from the floor at the AGM, but it would be nice to hear from anyone beforehand (return email or fill in a form at the working bee) if you would like to put your hand up for any positions

Sheep manure**

We have taken delivery of a large number of bags of sheep manure. They are stacked near the compost bays. There is one bag for each plot holder. Please get your bag now and spread it on your plot. If you still have produce growing, take a bag and stow it in the corner of your plot until you are ready to rejuvenate the soil for winter vegetables. The remaining bags will be used on the perimeter fruit trees, so you will need to grab yours soon or you may miss out. There will also be a delivery of compost/soil soon for further plot replenishment, and we’ll let you know in an email when it arrives.

 Please harvest your produce

 Unfortunately rats are about so harvest your pumpkins and corn before they do! If you have spare produce, don’t forget the free food shelves. If you cant get to the garden to get your produce, don’t let it go to waste. Send us a short email and someone on the committee will pick it for you and put it on the shelves for others.

 Thank you….

…. to the Taroona Community Association, which donated a $50 Bunnings voucher to TNG. We have decided to use it to purchase mulch mats for some of our fruit trees.

…. to all our members, we have almost 100% payment of subscriptions!

* Behind St Lukes Church. Pedestrians can  take the pathway from Channel Highway, just opposite Seaview intersection, or enter from Coolamon road by walking through the laneway between the units. This is also the entrance to the carpark - plenty of parking spaces.

**Our sheep manure was bagged for us by the Fahan Rowing team and is their fundraiser. We can send you contact details if you wish to order some for your home garden.

 February 11th.

Next working bee, first for 2021 – 2-4pm Sunday 14 February

Shared afternoon tea at 4pm. Hope to see you there.

Annual General Meeting 22 March, 7 pm

All members are invited to our Annual General Meeting on Monday  22 March, 7 pm at the hall at the back of St Lukes Anglican Church. Ample parking off Coolamon Rd.

Business of the AGM:

Short annual report from President

Motion to formally adopt the new constitution (Read constitution here)

Election of committee for 2021

Nominations for the committee are called for. Our constitution specifies 4-12 committee members. Nominees self-nominate in writing or by voice at AGM, but please respond before if you would like to nominate for the committee.

The formal part of meeting will be kept to a minimum, and will be followed by a short illustrated presentation by Mick Brown “Birds and Taroona Gardens”.

Lucky Door Prizes and supper provided.

 Fruit tree adopters

Our ‘list’ of fruit tree adopters is outdated. If you are still looking after a tree(s) could you respond to this email with information about your adopted tree.  If you would like to adopt a tree, please volunteer. We will rebuild the list and a member will take over as coordinator to help adopters with decisions, materials and activities to maintain flourishing and fruiting.

 Worm Farm

The worm farm is open for business again after resting over Christmas, so please bring your kitchen scraps and spread the word to your neighbours too. To keep it healthy we need to add more ‘carbon’, and plan to organize a bin of ‘brown materials’ beside the worm farm to be sprinkled over each deposit. Can you supply any shredded paper, sawdust, dry leaves or coffee grounds? We can organize pick-up on request.

Waiting List

Our waiting list is growing. If you no longer wish to work your plot, please let us know so we can re-assign it.

Top Corner

The top corner beside the Entrance Pagoda is in need of a plan for beautification. We welcome ideas from members. Send in your ideas – in writing, drawing, photo……

Contact for anything in this newsletter is to the committee at, or in person to a committee member at a working bee or anytime in the garden.


January 24th.

Happy New Year to all of our members

In this news: Worm farm reopened now, Subs are due – how to pay, next working bees, AGM and committee membership

The Worm Farm has reopened

Thank you to everyone who respected the need for our community worm farm to rest over the Christmas period. It is now working away nicely and ready to take more deposits. Please follow the instructions on the sign about what is acceptable for our worms, and place anything not recommended into the general waste wheelie bin nearby.

Grab some worm castings from the lower space for your plot. There will be a few stray worms  in it and you can either pick them out and put them back in the top, or just leave them. Don’t use the castings around seedlings or seeds because the birds can detect a worm from a distance and will scratch them out. You can also tap some leachate to add to your plot, dilution about 1:10 is recommended.

Membership fees for 2021 now due.

See this page for details of how much and how to pay

 Working bees

The next working bee is scheduled for Sunday 14 February, 2-4pm. We can follow the work with our traditional afternoon tea when we share food and friendship.

The March working bee is on Sunday March 13th.


Our AGM will be in March. We do not have a date yet because we will need to find suitable premises to hold it. All executive and committee positions are open so please consider nominating. Details will be available during February.

Committee meetings have been scheduled in the past for the second Tuesday of the month, with the working bee on the following Sunday. This could change depending on the new committee.