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It is best gardening practice to keep weeds out of your plot as they compete with your vegetable plants and seem to thrive and multiply more rapidly than the plants you are cultivating.

Many 'soft weeds' are easily pulled and can be added to the compost bins.

However some weeds have long roots and bulblets which break easily to remain in the soil. They need to be removed by digging deep and picking out all bits from the soil. Be sure to dispose of in the wheelie bin. NEVER put the 'rogues' into the compost.

Look for these weeds in your plot. Remove them as described, and dispose of in the wheelie bin. A policy of ZERO TOLERANCE will, in time, eliminate them from your plot (or at least keep them under control.)

Arum italicum and white weed are recent arrivals in TNG and were probably brought in with compost or manure.

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