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Newsletter July 2010

TNG news July 2010

The management committee met on July 20. The minutes of the meeting can be found on the TNG website on the meeting page. Copies will also be placed on the notice board in the shed.

You can also find photographs of the very successful Solstice Celebration on our website.

Fruit trees

The fruit trees around the perimeter are rather thirsty. If you are working in the garden, check soil around a fruit tree near you, and if it feels dry, put a hose on it to soak the ground.

Don't forget to turn the hose off tightly before you leave, and wind it up around the tap stand so it doesn't become a tripping hazard.

Worm farm lid

Would anyone be able to make a new lid for the worm farm. The current lid has rotted at the hinges and consequently it is cumbersome to open and shut. As the top is no longer sealed, the farm has become infested with vinegar flies. We are trying to eradicate the flies, but a new lid is urgently needed. If you have the tools and materials and can do the job, please go ahead. If materials are needed please email Deirdre Brown ( with a request and she will organise purchase and delivery of materials.

If you are depositing in the worm farm, please make sure you chop up all lumps first, and cover the deposit with a sprinkle of compost and then with the carpet. Add only small amounts of citrus and onion, as the worms are not fond of these.

Next working bee Sunday August 15th

Come along from 2-4 pm on Sunday August 15. Main task will be pruning and weeding and fertilising the berry plants so they get a good start in Spring. We'll organise to net them this year so we get our share of the fruit!

Bring gloves and secateurs if you  have them, and we'll put the kettle on at about 3.45.

The Green house

Anyone interested in growing some plants to enhance the appearance/feel of the garden is invited to join a greenhouse activity group.

This could also involve children's activities, and the propagation of intersting plants such as gourds and sunflowers.

Anyone who would like to participate in growing plants in and managing the green house, please contact Marion at

Plot jobs

Even though it is winter, unusually low rainfall means the ground is dry, so you will probably be watering your plot. Dont forget to turn off taps tightly when you have finished watering, and to roll the hose up around the tap stand.

Remove spent crops and chop up and place in the compost bay. Don't leave brassica roots and other residues in the ground as they can harbour pests and diseases.

Dumping Garden Waste

Someone has dumped a substantial amount of garden waste in one of the compost bins. If you see anyone dumping waste, please ask them to stop immediately. We cannot use waste as we do not know what evil weeds and invasive plants may be lurking in it, and it is too much of a burden for the compost crew to be expected to process it.The waste had be bagged up and Jon Hurn has kindly offered to take it to the tip.


Does anyone know what happened to the small black plastic stools which were in the shed? We now do not have enough seats for workshops. If we can have them returned, or if anyone can offer a substitute, we'd be grateful.

Finally..... the premier to be guest speaker at the Taroona Community Association meeting on August 19th.

All community members are invited along to the TCA general meeting at the Taroona Community Hall at 7.30, where David Bartlett, as a local resident (and Tasmanian Premier )  will be our special guest.