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TEN: Taroona Environment Network

For local environment and conservation activities see Taroona Environment Network (TEN)

In this section we plan to have comprehensive information and images of the flora, fauna, marine biology and geology of the Taroona area. If you have information you would like to add to this section, please use the contact form to contact the web site manager.

Marine Biology

It is said that the word Taroona is the local Aboriginal word for the chiton, a marine mollusc found on rocks in the inter-tidal and shallow sub-tidal regions of our beaches.

Local ecology articles from local Simon Grove:

*Nature through the looking glass

*Jimbles in the Derwent


Ocean Planet has made a short film about Tasmania's unique marine life. This film features parts of the Derwent estuary at Taroona.


Birds of Taroona

Photographs by Mick Brown

Dracophylla's Botanical and wildlife Photography