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Taroona Neighbourhood Garden Inc.

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Working bee

Sunday July 19, 2-4 pm

Afternoon tea at 4pm.


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TNG Member News - July 2020    I    New: Weeds gallery


A new worm farm for the Neighbourhood Garden!

Sponsored by Kingborough Council, when the new farm is commissioned

we will have increased capacity to handle food and vegetable waste from

our members and the community.


WormsDownunder Grande Platinum worm habitatWormsDownunder Grande Platinum worm habitat

 2020 working bees - will resume when restrictions are lifted

These are generally held on a Sunday afternoon after the second Tuesday of the month (our committee meeting date), from 2-4 with shared afternoon tea at 4pm. All are welcome.

Sunday 15 February, 15 March, 19 April, 17 May, 14 June, 19 July, 16 August, 13 September, 18 October, 15 November, 13 December.


About Us

Our Mission

TNG aims to provide a sunny open space for local residents and students to learn organic gardening skills, grow nutritious food and engage in healthy outdoor exercise.

The TNG will help to reduce carbon footprints and assist in protecting food security by growing vegetables, herbs and flowers locally. We have about 50 member families and individuals who rent a plot to grow vegetables for their own households.

We welcome visitors to enjoy our garden and gain inspiration, but please do not pick our produce.

Enquiries to

TNG is now a member of Garden Clubs Australia - see more about GCA here 


Community plot planted out 1st. May 2 016Community plot planted out 1st. May 2 016

Our Committee

Executive and committee elected  at the Annual General Meeting held by email in March 2020.

President: Margaret James

Secretary:  Deirdre Brown

Treasurer: Michael Lynch

Committee: Nel Smit, David Coleman, Bridget Green, Peter Lutz, Tina Curtis, Cate Chapman, Judy Keen, Christophe Marcant

Left: Builder Phil Hesketh and Member Lorne at work on The New Entrance



A supportive Kingborough Council supplied the land in 2007. The original idea was pitched by local garden enthusiast Nathan White, and the work of constructing the plots and establishing the garden was done by our own local organic gardening guru, David Stephen, ably assisted by Nathan.

The garden consists of 48 family or group plots of about 4 square metres each. There are also 2 long communal beds with a rotational system in place, and other 'community' areas around the perimeter fence. There is a herb garden on the outer perimeter on the Chiton Place frontage.

A few rules

  • Cover the children’s sand pit after use to keep animals out.

  •  Keep the gates shut and if you bring a dog into the garden, keep it on a leash and off the vegetable plots.

  • After using hoses, turn the water off at the tap tightly and rewind the hose around the tap stand.

  • Do not waste water. Before watering, do the ‘finger test’ – poke a finger into the soil and if it is moist under the top 10 mm, you do not need to water.

  • Do not use poisons. We are an organic garden. This means we do not use any Artificial Substances in our garden. A suggested list of insect controls is on our website.

  • Respect other people’s plots.

  • Safety is our own responsibility.


Taroona Neighbourhood Garden is very grateful to the following who have provided grants to assist in setting up the garden, fencing it and supplying essential equipment and plants:

  • Tasmanian Community Fund
  • Nyrstar
  • Kingborough Council
  • Premier Lara Giddings Discretionary Fund
  • Feeding the Future Fund


An individual family or group must be a financial member to garden on a plot. The annual sub is $60, but a concession ($30) is available on request for Low Income Health Care Card holders.

Associate membership for those without a plot is $10.


You are welcome to call in to the garden at any time to look around and talk to whoever is there. You will often find one or two members working away there, so ask them about the garden. If you are interested in taking up a plot, email: