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Member News 2013

Member News December 2013

Next Busy bee is on Sunday 12 January 2-4pm. Afternoon tea at 4pm.


Thanks to all those who attended the busy bee last Sunday. The two community plots were weeded and a re now fully planted with seeds and seedlings.


Worm Farms-new bin started


The bath tub worm farm is now full. Please make deposits in the near-empty bin near the side gate (the original worm farm).  The other bin near the side gate is half full of lovely worm compost, suitable for use in the plots. Use it by taking the top few centimetres. The worms then retreat deeper into the bin, allowing the next few top centimetres to be taken. Just be aware that for a day or two the birds will disturb the compost looking for worms, so do not use with new seedlings or seeds.


Removal of spent vegetables


This week, on advice from David Stephen, a volunteer removed huge old silver beet plants from many of the plots. Some plants were over 2 metres tall. As they were too coarse and woody to be chopped easily for compost, they will be taken to the tip in two full loads.  This exercise cost 3 hours of volunteer time, tip fees, vehicle use and petrol, and the loss of good compostable material from the garden. Over mature vegetables such as these make the garden look untidy and neglected and as much of it falls onto the grass, mowing becomes difficult. The old plants (especially Brassica roots and stalks) also harbour diseases and pests.


PLEASE remove vegetables as soon as they are no longer palatable, and chop them and add to the compost bin. Then you will have space to plant lots of tender delicious young vegetables.


Wanted - tools and a bench


We will happily receive good used garden tools if you have any to donate.  We also need a bench seat so people can relax and enjoy the garden. If you have a good sound garden bench seat you no longer need, the Neighbourhood Garden can use it.


Advance notice - Australian Community Gardens Annual Gathering


To be held in Hobart 21-23 March 2014. More information on their website:




Join others to work together in the garden 4-6pm Thursday evenings during daylight saving.


Tasks to do


If you cannot come along to Busy bees, here are some tasks that can be done any time:


  • Water the community plots and fruit trees (test first to make sure water is actually needed!)

  • Weed the community plots

  • Weed the herb garden (outside the fence on Chiton Place)



Seasons Greetings to all our members from TNG Management Committee


Member News September 2013

Busy Bees coming up

Sundays Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8. - 2-4 pm in the garden

Also watch for news of the re-starting of popular evening (4-6pm) veg-out sessions beginning one evening each week from start of Daylight Saving. Thanks to those who came along to the September busy bee, including Flora from Taiwan. A large section of the community plots was made ready for spring planting. Special thanks also to Trevor who has been very busy cleaning out the shed and plastic house, and disposing of unwanted materials and rubbish.

If you have materials you are thinking of donating to TNG....

Please clear it with a committee member first by emailing DO NOT leave materials at the garden without first making sure they are needed. Every busy bee we have loads that have to be taken to the tip, which is costly for the volunteer and TNG funds, just because people have dumped "stuff" they think we can use.

Thanks to Chris from Hobart Kitchen Gardens....

Who supplied us with parsley seedlings now thriving in the garden. You can find him at the Sunday Farm Gate Market, Melville St. If you would like to purchase some of his excellent seedlings.

Mowing Roster

We need more volunteers for mowing. We have a new mower, safety equipment, and provide an induction. If you can help please contact Jon through our tng email address.

Worm Farm

The old wormfarm near the gate is nearly full and will soon be left to "Mature". The new bathtub worm farm behind the shed is now in use. Please make deposits there.

What is acceptable to our worms: All fruit and vegetable peelings, cores and other vegetable matter. Waste should be chopped. Do not add large amounts of citrus and onions.


Perimeter areas

Thank you to the members who have been looking after our fruit trees, now in blossom and looking very fine. If you would like to adopt an area on the inner perimeter, choose one that is obviously unloved, put your name on a sign to indicate you have adopted it, and garden away! Just remember not to disturb the roots of nearby fruit trees - do not dig closer than a metre from the trunk.


If there are supplies that you think we need to buy, just send an email to with your suggestions, or leave a note on the noticeboard in the shed, addressed to the TNG committee.

If you no longer require your plot...

Please let the committee know. We have a waiting list of keen gardeners who would like to plant a plot this spring.


Member News August 2013

Busy Bees coming up

Sundays Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8. - 2-4 pm in the garden

Also watch for news of the re-starting of popular evening (4-6pm) veg-out sessions beginning one evening a week from start of Daylight Saving.

PH Soil testing kit

TNG has purchased a kit. To borrow it to test ph of your plot email or ask a committee member (or leave a note on the noticeboard in the shed, addressed to the TNG committee.)

Woodbridge Fruit Farm Workshops

Espalier workshop: 2pm - 4pm on 18th and 25th August
Grafting workshop: 10am - 12:30pm on 18th and 25th August

For details, bookings and payment, see their website:

Perimeter areas

If you would like to adopt an area on the inner perimeter, choose one that is obviously unloved, put your name on a sign to indicate you have adopted it, and garden away! Just remember not to disturb the roots of nearby fruit trees - do not dig closer than a metre from the trunk.


If there are supplies that you think we need to buy, just send an email to with your suggestions, or leave a note on the noticeboard in the shed, addressed to the TNG committee.

Mosaic Workshop for TNG Members - September 2013

This workshop will be facilitated by Patricia Martin, member of TNG and a practising artist with substantial experience in creating mosaic pieces. It is aimed at beginners, maximum 6 participants, to be run at TNG over 3 consecutive Sundays, commencing  8 September,  10am - noon.

Participants will cover costs of materials, to be purchased in bulk and expected to be around $50-$60 per person. To secure a place in the course the fee must be paid by September 3.  Adult participants only. This workshop is not suitable for children to attend.

If you no longer require your plot...

Please let the committee know. The people on the waiting list will appreciate the chance to take over a plot in time for spring planting.


Member News July 2013

We are in the depths of winter, but it's not too early to anticipate Spring. Seeds planted in punnets in August will be ready for planting out in September.

Here are two websites with planting guides which members may like to consult for guidance.

Fruit trees

Did you adopt a fruit tree on the inner perimeter of the garden?

If so, it's time to think about whether your tree needs pruning and/or should be sprayed with Bordeaux mixture to prevent brown rot or other fungus disease.

Busy bees for the rest of 2013

Busy bees will be held on the second Sunday of each month from 2-4pm. Please try to come along to busy bees to help keep our garden in good shape, and to get lots of vegetables growing for summer and autumn harvest.

Dates are: August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10 and December 8.

We will also start the popular VEG-OUT get togethers on one evening each week when daylight saving starts. More news about this later.

Mosaic workshop

If you are interested in organising or helping with a mosaic workshop to make items to add a decorative element to the garden, please email your ideas to tng.

Text reminders for busy bees

A member has suggested that he would like a text message to his mobile phone to remind him of busy bees. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please email your name and mobile number back to this address. We promise to send only one message a few days before the event.

Tasks which need doing

  • If you have a few spare minutes, do some weeding in the community plots.
  • We also need a volunteer to replace the green house door. Can anyone do this please?


Member news 9 May 2013 

Rock dust and other garden supplies talk 

Clennetts Mitre 10 Fork in the Road have invited gardeners to attend Ian Munroe's
presentation on Munash ROCKDUST and RENEW at Fork in the Road Kingston on Thursday May 16 th at 11.00 A.M. or 2.30 P.M.
The presentations will be followed by an informal question and answer session.


Garden supplies at TNG

We currently have supplies of dolerite crusher dust, in a bay at the TNG. This has been spread around fruit trees, and is available for you to add to your plot. There are also supplies of lime and dolomite in the shed, and plenty of straw for mulching in the compost bay.

Advance notice for Annual General Meeting - June 16 at 7.30 pm

Please set aside this date for the AGM, which will be crucial for the successful continuation of our neighbourhood garden, and consider nominating for an executive and committee position. You can do this by putting your name and contact detail on the appropriate part of the attached nomination form and giving it to a committee member or leaving it pinned to this board for collection.

The current committee would appreciate your RSVP for the AGM. A reminder and agenda will be put on the board closer to the date.

Lettuces, Italian parsley  and spring onions ready for harvest

Where the green flags are in the community plots. Pick the largest lettuces and spring onions, and take fronds of Italian (flat leaf) parsley. (Thanks to Chris Chamley, who donated the fancy variety lettuce seedlings and parsley). 


Member News 16 April 2013 

Saturday April from 2 pm - Busy bee.

New table "opening"/christening, and BBQ from 4 pm. Bring your own food. BBQ and hot drink materials supplied. Tasks include work on the perimeters, so please bring newspapers for mulching.

Thanks to Jon and to Tina and family for constructing our new garden table, and to Kingborough Council for funding the purchase of materials through their community grants.

Theft of vegetables

Following thefts the committee researched the situation in other community gardens. We received an inspiring email from Woolloomooloo Community Garden, and it is available from a committee member for members to read. The committee feels that it reflects our own thoughts on security and our place in our community.

Please turn off taps

Taps/hoses have been left running lately in the garden. Please ensure you turn off all taps when you leave, and turn them off tightly. Check particularly if your children have been using hoses, as taps are often left dripping.

AGM -Thursday 6th  June, 7.30 pm

Please consider nominating for a position on the committee. Some current members will be stepping down and all positions are open for election in any case

Visit to Moonah Community Garden

Visit to Moonah Community Garden is planned. Please respond to this email if you would like to join the excursion.

Note for fruit tree adopters

Did you know that some schools of thought say it's a good time to prune your fruit trees at this time of year immediately after harvesting?


Signage is now in place about usage. New door coming soon. Please store stuff on the bottom shelf. Feedback to Marian at

Skills register

We'd like to build a register of special skills. If you have any skills you think the garden may benefit from please respond to this email. A new member has recently offered his bed-building skills, and we could arrange with him to assist you with your plot renovation if your plot is in need of repairs. Respond to this email if you would like to be put in touch with this generous member.

Looking forward to seeing you at the busy bee this Saturday.

Member News 14 February 2013

Annual subscriptions are now overdue


Thank you to those who have paid. A few subscriptions are still outstanding, and it would be appreciated if they could be paid immediately.

Annual subs are $50 for those with a plot and $10 for a supporter membership.

The concession is for Low Income Health Care card holders only, and is $20 for those with a plot, and $4 for people without plots.

The garden is looking very good, in spite of the excessively dry weather. Thanks to the mowing crew whose work is really making a difference to the appearance and safety of the garden. Grateful thanks also to the member who thoughtfully disposed of the ‘twitch mountain'. Members, please remember to sort all vegetable waste. Only twitch (AKA rope grass, couch) should be put in the green bins near the shed, with all other waste being chopped and added to the corner compost bay. If waste is not chopped up, another member has to do this task, and the large amount from several plots takes much time and effort.

Come along to the next Busy bee on Saturday Feb 23, 2-4pm to make our garden even better.

There are two empty plots if you know someone who would like to join us. To join or enquire, send an email to

Our Management Plan

This is ready for a review. The committee is calling on members to volunteer for a small group to review the plan and recpmment amendments. If you would like to undertake this task, please respond by return email. Management plan is on our website here (including a printable version): /neighbourhood-garden/management-plan

Metal Dust

Now available in one of the bays. To add slow release minerals and trace elements to your plot, spread about one handful per square metre over your plot. There is also a packet of trace elements in the shed. Use according to instructions on the packet.

Next Busy Bee

Saturday February 23rd, 2-4pm. Come along and help to make our garden grow, and then join the Taroona Community for the Picnic in the park adjacent to the garden. Bring your own picnic supplies, but join in the auction with Peter Gee to raise money for Bushfire Relief. This is the Taroona Community's response to help those devastated by the Tasmanian Bushfires last month.

Veg-out Thursdays 4-6pm

Join a committee member in the garden Thursdays during daylight saving. Chat and work together and also harvest any ready fruit and vegetables.

Beans and Zucchini - are still cropping. Look for the green flags near harvestable crops. Members can pick what they need from these.

Discussion Forum

Don't forget our discussion forum at /neighbourhood-garden/discussion

All members are welcome to have their say on this forum. The committee is also inviting members to send in links to useful gardening websites, and we'll post them onto a new page of useful recommendations. Just send links by return email, or put them on the discussion forum, or use the contact form on the website.


Member News January 2013

Happy New Year!

Beans, beans, beans, and radishes and zucchini! 

These crops in the community plot are flourishing and are ready for harvest (see where the green flags are planted). Members are welcome to pick what they need, and to leave a small donation in the donation box on the shed. The donations will fund seeds for the next round of sowing.

Thursday evening VEG-OUT 4-6pm

TNG's new social agenda includes a new "veg-out" event each Thursday evening from 4:00pm-6:00pm during day-light saving time where you are guaranteed to meet others in the garden. Come along to sit and enjoy the garden or to do a little light work on your plot, pick vegetables or just chat.  A committee member will be there to help with any questions about gardening or what's happening with the association.

Dovetail bed

Three members are now gardening in the dovetail bed. This "high rise" construction was developed to assist those who have difficulty working at ground level. If members have any other ideas to assist and promote gardening activities of this nature please let us know!

Busy bees

The next working bee is on Sunday January 20th, from 3-5 pm. There are working bees scheduled for each month  so please try to come to one to make your annual contribution to the garden. Don't forget that if you do some work in the common areas to record it in the yellow log book in the shed.

Renovating plots

It has been great to see that some members have taken the initiative and have been re-constructing their plots to make them safer and sturdier. We were very grateful for a grant from the Kingborough Council last year which funded purchase of materials to fix the worst plots, but some are still in need of repair. Please remember that we are an organic garden, and CCA TREATED TIMBER is not in keeping with the aims of the garden. Please use untreated hardwood. Also, please do not expand the borders of your plot, as we need to maintain enough room betwee plots for our new lawn mower to negotiate. 

New lawn mower for TNG

We are now the proud owners of a lawn mower, and a team of volunteers will be keeping the grass mown in the garden. Thanks to those who have joined the mowing roster, your work will be much appreciated by all.

Thefts of produce and equipment

We are keeping a register of thefts and will be discussing them with police. As soon as you notice that a theft has occurred, please report it via this email address (

Maintaining your plot

Just a few hints on how to maintain the health of your plot and of the whole garden: 

  • Remove spent vegetables, chop the waste and add to the corner compost bay. It is especially important in the case of brassicas to remove the roots as they can harbour disease, and this should be done BEFORE they go to seed. If you don't have time on a visit to remove the whole plant, at least cut off the seed heads before they mature and spread.

  • Cut seed heads from long grasses on outer plot edges, and keep trimmed to reduce snail and slug habitat.

  • Do not use Round-up or other poison to kill weeds. Use organically approved products only.

What to plant now! /neighbourhood-garden/planting-calendar

Subs now due: subscriptions must be paid by end of January.See How to Pay: /neighbourhood-garden/how-to-pay