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    Taroona Coastal Discovery Trail


The Taroona Coastal Discovery Trail is a podcast trail which extends from Taroona High School to Hinsby Beach. It was developed to share what we've learned over the years about Taroona's rich natural and cultural heritage. Taroona High Grade 10 students, Ollie Mackay and Emily Duncombe, conducted interviews with ten local experts in their special field. The interviews were recorded as audio files and edited by other Grade 10 students, Owen Andrews and Brodie Farrell. You can listen to these interviews by clicking on any of the links below, or if you're out on the track, you'll find trail markers with QR codes to scan that take you directly to the interviews. If you're unfamiliar with Taroona, you can print out a map showing the location of the track, the trail markers and neighbouring streets.

Taroona Coastal Discovery Trail Map (pdf, 450kb)

1 - The mouhenneener (Leigh Maynard, Aboriginal Heritage Officer)
2 - Taroona on the move (Simon Stephens, geologist, local resident)
3 - Hunting grounds to orchards (Peter Gugger, ABC news presenter, history buff, local resident)
4 - A rare forest (Naomi Lawrence, botanist, local resident)
5 - A coastal garden (Naomi Lawrence - botanist, local resident, and Ben Grove - TPS student)
6 - Something fishy (Neville Barrett, IMAS marine biologist)
7 - A mariner's rest and an iconic tower (Peter G, ABC news, history buff, local resident)
8 - A bushland for birds (Mick Brown, ecologist and photographer, local resident)
9 - A shoreline of shells (Simon Grove, ecologist and author of Tasmanian Shells, local resident)
10 - What is alum? (Simon Stephens, geologist, local resident)
- A healthy river (Fiona Wells, Derwent Estuary Program, local resident)
11 - Brown, red or green (Gustaaf Hallegraeff, marine biologist, TEN President, local resident)

Acknowledgements and credits

This podcast trail was developed using funds from the following grants:
- Australian Government Caring for our Country grant
- Kingborough Council community grant
- NRM South Bite-sized grant.

Special thanks to the following contributors for freely giving their time:
Interviewers:  Ollie McKay and Emily Duncombe (Grade 10, Taroona High School)
Interviewees:  Leigh Maynard, Simon Stephens, Peter Gugger, Naomi Lawrence, Mick Brown, Fiona Wells, Gustaaf Hallegraeff, Simon Grove, Neville Barrett and Ben Grove (Taroona Primary School)
Podcast editing:  Owen Andrews and Brodie Farrell (Taroona High School), and Dan Broun (The Digital Suite)