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Taroona's Threatened Species

Taroona is home to several threatened species, including the Eastern Barred BandicootEastern Barred BandicootEastern Barred Bandicoot, Forty Spotted Pardalote and Swift Parrot. There are only about 1000 breeding pairs of Swift Parrot left in the world. Taroona is a favourite habitat because of the availability of nectar and nesting hollows in our mature blue gums (Eucalytpus globulus ssp. globulus) and black gums (Eucalytpus ovata). Forty-spotted Pardalotes have been sighted for the first time in many years in Taroona, foraging in our white gums (Eucalyptus viminalis).

How you can help our threatened species:

  • Plant local natives in your garden to provide food and habitat for native wildlife. Eastern Barred Bandicoots like dense, spiky bushes and tussock grasses.
  • Keep mature eucalypt trees - especially blue gums, black gums and white gums. If you have a property large enough to support eucalypts, plant them for future habitat.
  • Protect all wildlife, including our threatened species, by not letting your cat or dog roam at night. Cats are natural hunters.
  • Observe any 'No dogs on beaches' signs. Little Penguins are regularly exploring safe places to nest along Taroona's foreshore. The Little Penguin population continues to decline nationally, however the River Derwent population is stable.