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Taroona, a southern suburb of Hobart * lies between the western shores of the lower Derwent estuary and the forested foothills of Mt Nelson and The Lea. Our elongated suburb of about 1400 households is bisected by the old Channel Highway.

Taroona residents enjoy the coastal environment which has three safe,  sandy beaches, a shoreline track leading to the spectacular Alum Cliffs and many large blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) trees which are brilliant with the calls and colours of wattle birds, Eastern and green rosella parrots and musk lorikeets.

Our schools are the Taroona Primary School and Taroona High School, and we also have many clubs and societies, a community hall, sporting facilities and parklands.

The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (part of the University of Tasmania) has a research facility on Crayfish Point at Taroona.

You can find details of the life in Taroona at this website.

* Taroona is a southern suburb of Hobart. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia's island state. Taroona is in the northernmost sector of the Kingborough municipality, which adjoins Hobart's southern boundary.

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