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THS School Land Development Application

Update 7th. December 2016

Press release from Deputy Premier:
Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Halt to Taroona High School subdivision

This afternoon I received a letter from the Taroona High School Association requesting that I review the current plans to subdivide their land.

Accordingly, I have directed that the subdivision application be withdrawn.

The department will continue to work closely with the school on their future infrastructure requirements.

I commend the school association for their leadership on this matter.




Update 6 December - What can you do?

Join the Taroona Community Association (only $10 per annum) & Taroona Environment Network (only $5 per annum)

How to join the TCA   l   How to join TEN: email


The Taroona Community Association and Taroona Environment Network were pleased with the results of a community meeting of 80 Taroona residents held on Sunday, 4 December.  The meeting was organised at short notice to voice community anger about the State Government proposal to sell off the Taroona High School bushland , known by Taroona community as the Rotary Reserve.

The meeting called on the State Government Minister for Education and Minister for Crown Land  to  withdraw (or put on hold) the planning application until the government engages with  broader Taroona community on the future use of this land.

The meeting also acknowledged the Taroona High Schools need to generate funds for a new performing arts centre to service the school population. It is now understood that Lot 9 is to be retained by the school and part of it will be used for the performing arts centre.  However the sale of the bushland which has an 80 year history of use by the community as a reserve, and the loss of its identified significant bushland values (documented in the Natural Values report for the development proposal)  is considered to outweigh this need.  Once these values are gone they can never be replaced, jeopardising the future of species that area already listed as threatened which are  reliant on this habitat.  It would be tragic for the Taroona High School to carry a  legacy of destroying this area  – an institution that upholds its high standards and  educational values.

Following the meeting, the TCA wrote immediately to the Minister for Education office outlining these requests and values.  We complained about the inadequate timeframe, lack of consultation and lack of ability for community access to the essential planning documents.  These are required to lodge representations to the Kingborough Council by the due date of 9 December.

The Taroona High School Association and Taroona Primary School Association also met on Monday night to consider the situation.  I have been informed that the THSA meeting outcome is confidential.  I therefore recommend that residents contact members of the committee for further information.

The TCA has also sent a letter to the General Manager of Kingborough Council complaining about the  lack of adherence to a statutory process as without the 2000 planning scheme to refer to the community cannot make informed representations.  The Council has since uploaded the 2000 Planning Scheme onto the KC website.  No additional time has been given to the advertising period.

The TCA is hoping for a positive response from the Minister for Education on this important issue, However, given the uncertainty around what the Minister will do, at this point, the TCA and TEN encourage the community to continue the campaign against this development proposal.

Letters should be written to:

  • State Minister for Education – Jeremy Rockcliffe
  • State Minister for Crown Land – Matthew Groom
  • All other Denison members: Elise Archer, Cassie OÇonnor, Scott Bacon
  • (see this website for contact details       
  • Federal Federal Member for Denison Andrew Willkie
  • Letters to the Editor at the Mercury
  • Letters to all Kingborough Councillors

Representations on the planning application should be lodged with Kingborough Council by 5pm, Friday, 9 December.

The TCA is considering engaging a planning consultant to assist in formulating our representation.

Further advice coming on details and content on how  to lodge a representation


Jill Hickie

(Added 6 Dec 2016)


Read more:

What the Mercury published on 5 December 2016

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History of  land use of proposed development area (author Judith Timbs)


School land development protest meeting

Sunday 4 Dec, 11am, corner Karingal Court

A planning application has been advertised for a nine lot subdivision. Eight

residential lots will directly border Karingal Court and Channel  Highway with a road coming off Karingal Court.

A larger ninth lot will be located in the middle and the foreshore balance will remain undeveloped.

Residents have only until 9 December to lodge a representation with Kingborough Council.

Come to the community walk on site 11am, Sunday, 4 December to learn more.

Meet corner Karingal Court and Channel Highway.

(added 2 Dec. 2016)


People gather on the School Land to discuss the development application Sun 4 Dec. 2016People gather on the School Land to discuss the development application Sun 4 Dec. 2016 People gather on the School Land to discuss the development application Sun 4 Dec. 2016People gather on the School Land to discuss the development application Sun 4 Dec. 2016


(Added 4 Dec. 2016)