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News 2022

IMAS/Southern Futures plans and developments

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Consultation Sessions

Following the IMAS community session on 7 July, two on-site sessions for Nubeena Crescent and Kelvedon Ave residents were held on 26 & 27 July. Several requests were made to run some after-hours sessions for those who could not attend during business hours – these are as follows:

On-line: Thursday, August 18, 7.00-8.30pm. There is no need to register.Click here to join on Zoom. (Note – we are unable to conduct a site visit during this session but will share photos and maps).

On-site:  Saturday, August 20, 3.30-5.00pm. Please meet at the IMAS gates.

Letter from Southern Futures to a Taroona Community Group

(Published here with permission of Southern Futures)

Taroona Community Groups

We have met with most of Taroona’s community groups. If a community group that you are involved in would like to meet with us, please get in touch:


The 25 trees and stumps proposed to be removed have been marked with a red stripe. Please contact us if you’d like to come on site and observe these: The landscaping plan for the site includes the collection of seeds from the trees to be removed for the re-planting of 76 eucalypts. It also includes planting of 24 species of native coastal shrub and ground cover.

Local Traffic

At all consultation sessions to date we have heard your feedback and concerns regarding local traffic in Nubeena Crescent and nearby streets. We have been meeting with Kingborough Council and will pass this feedback on. We will continue to work with Council to provide opportunities for further consultation and will keep you updated on this process.

Cottage Work

The cottage we inherited is in bad repair and urgent work is needed to prevent it from deteriorating further. Restoration work on the historic quarantine station cottage is expected to begin in coming weeks. We have confirmed with Council and Heritage Tasmania that this work is exempt from planning and heritage works approvals.

Development Application

We have now formally lodged a Development Application (DA) with Kingborough Council. However, the DA will not be valid until some preliminary steps are completed. The proposal includes the removal of the decommissioned pump station on the foreshore, which is on Crown land. To be able to do this, we need to lodge an application with the Crown for consent. Once this consent is received, the Development Application to Kingborough Council for the full project will become valid.

The DA then needs to progress through several steps that will take some months. The assessment process will involve Council reviewing the information we have submitted, referral to the Environment Protection Authority and Heritage Tasmania and the opportunity for those parties to request further information. Once those preliminary processes are complete and we provide any requested supplementary information, Council will publicly advertise the application. This will provide a formal opportunity for community members to make submissions on the DA.

We will keep you informed of the timing of this process and progress with the DA. We do need to keep the paperwork progressing so that, if approved, the teaching facilities our students need for Semester One, 2024 will be ready.

Please be assured that this is by no means the end of our consultation with you on the plans. We intend to continue consultation in parallel with progressing the DA process through the Council. We also know there is more to be done on concerns which are outside the DA’s scope, such as traffic.

Community Presentation

The presentation we recently gave to the community, which includes predicted numbers on campus and traffic figures, can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any thoughts or questions:

 (Posted 11 August 2022)

 IMAS Community Consultation Session-Taroona Upgrade

Held at the primary school on Thursday July 7th.

No notes available from this session but there is some information here:

 detailed notes from TCA and TEN   I