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TNG Member News 2023

14 January - Message from the TNG President

Welcome all to another year in our garden.
There are two matters that I would very much like to draw to your attention, in the hope that you can help the management committee keep the garden working to the benefit of us all. The first is how we all deal with the proliferation of weeds in the common areas and the second is why the committee cannot seem to get the message across regarding "the good, bad and ugly of making compost". 
Firstly, the weeds. Some time ago (November 2021 actually) I wrote to you asking that you consider giving say 30 minutes every time you visit the garden to weed a common area of your choosing. My email had virtually no impact whatsoever. Surely you can see the twitch, yet again taking over the perimeter beds and other common areas. 
The committee is made up of seven volunteers. We do all that we can to keep the twitch under control, supported by a small number of dedicated members, but unfortunately it is beyond us. Please could you help us. Just 15 minutes of your time (rather than 30) would make all the difference to your garden.
Please help.
Secondly the compost. Your committee has just installed a large coloured sign on the side of the wooden waste bays above the shed, explaining in simple terms "the good, the bad and the ugly of making compost". Immediately beside the waste bays is a large Council green bin for the "bad and the ugly". There is another large Council green bin near the side gate for more "bad and ugly". 
Sadly, it is as if the sign did not exist. Every day there are woody roots, twitch and other "bad and uglys" in the bays. Every day committee members and our wonderful, energetic compost group (who are always looking for new volunteers to join them), have to remove the woody roots and twitch etc from the bays and deal with them in accordance with the simple information provided on the sign. 
Please help by reading the sign and follow the advice. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my email and hopefully act on the matters I have raised. 
Michael Lynch