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Member News 2021

February 11

Next working bee, first for 2021 – 2-4pm Sunday 14 February

Shared afternoon tea at 4pm. Hope to see you there.

Annual General Meeting 22 March, 7 pm

All members are invited to our Annual General Meeting on Monday  22 March, 7 pm at the hall at the back of St Lukes Anglican Church. Ample parking off Coolamon Rd.

Business of the AGM:

Short annual report from President

Motion to formally adopt the new constitution (Read constitution here)

Election of committee for 2021

Nominations for the committee are called for. Our constitution specifies 4-12 committee members. Nominees self-nominate in writing or by voice at AGM, but please respond before if you would like to nominate for the committee.

The formal part of meeting will be kept to a minimum, and will be followed by a short illustrated presentation by Mick Brown “Birds and Taroona Gardens”.

Lucky Door Prizes and supper provided.

 Fruit tree adopters

Our ‘list’ of fruit tree adopters is outdated. If you are still looking after a tree(s) could you respond to this email with information about your adopted tree.  If you would like to adopt a tree, please volunteer. We will rebuild the list and a member will take over as coordinator to help adopters with decisions, materials and activities to maintain flourishing and fruiting.

 Worm Farm

The worm farm is open for business again after resting over Christmas, so please bring your kitchen scraps and spread the word to your neighbours too. To keep it healthy we need to add more ‘carbon’, and plan to organize a bin of ‘brown materials’ beside the worm farm to be sprinkled over each deposit. Can you supply any shredded paper, sawdust, dry leaves or coffee grounds? We can organize pick-up on request.

Waiting List

Our waiting list is growing. If you no longer wish to work your plot, please let us know so we can re-assign it.

Top Corner

The top corner beside the Entrance Pagoda is in need of a plan for beautification. We welcome ideas from members. Send in your ideas – in writing, drawing, photo……

Contact for anything in this newsletter is to the committee at, or in person to a committee member at a working bee or anytime in the garden.


January 24

Happy New Year to all of our members

In this news: Worm farm reopened now, Subs are due – how to pay, next working bees, AGM and committee membership

The Worm Farm has reopened

Thank you to everyone who respected the need for our community worm farm to rest over the Christmas period. It is now working away nicely and ready to take more deposits. Please follow the instructions on the sign about what is acceptable for our worms, and place anything not recommended into the general waste wheelie bin nearby.

Grab some worm castings from the lower space for your plot. There will be a few stray worms  in it and you can either pick them out and put them back in the top, or just leave them. Don’t use the castings around seedlings or seeds because the birds can detect a worm from a distance and will scratch them out. You can also tap some leachate to add to your plot, dilution about 1:10 is recommended.

Membership fees for 2021 now due.

See this page for details of how much and how to pay

 Working bees

The next working bee is scheduled for Sunday 14 February, 2-4pm. We can follow the work with our traditional afternoon tea when we share food and friendship.

The March working bee is on Sunday March 13th.


Our AGM will be in March. We do not have a date yet because we will need to find suitable premises to hold it. All executive and committee positions are open so please consider nominating. Details will be available during February.

Committee meetings have been scheduled in the past for the second Tuesday of the month, with the working bee on the following Sunday. This could change depending on the new committee.