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A community battery for Taroona

Taroona Community Battery Kick-Off Session was held on 1st March 2023 at the Bowls and Community Club. About 50 people attended.

Meeting outcome:

Based on our collaborative activity, it appeared that the below high-level outcomes resonated most with those in the room:
  • Contribute to a more sustainable future through better use of renewables.
  • Allow those that don't have access to rooftop solar to share in its benefits.
  • Equity – reducing energy costs and demonstrating a fair sharing of community resources.
  • Using a battery to potentially resolve some of the unique rooftop solar issues Taroona faces in terms of tree/mountain shadow.
There were lots of other themes and opportunities raised - rest assured they've all been captured so they won't be lost as we move forward.
The next steps will be taking these community needs back to TasNetworks to see if they can be developed into a Community Battery proposal.

Forming a Taroona energy visioning group

Based on the feedback from the session, I believe we are well placed to establish a smaller 'energy working group' to deliver on the above outcomes.
While I see the initial focus of this group being to move the community battery proposal forward, I see no reason why this group could not also broaden its mission to supporting other sustainable energy initiatives in our community (perhaps working to electrify everything?).
If you are keen to put your hand up and contribute your time/expertise to forwarding Taroona's sustainable energy future as part of this group, please email Dave from Taroona at: droberson369@gmail.