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Scottsdale Bridport area trip

Taroona Garden Forum outings in 2010

November- Scottsdale-Bridport area

See photocollages (below)  of our visits to:

  • Leighlands Rd, Evandale - garden of the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Co.
  • Dunedin, St Leonards, Launceston - gardens of Annabell Scott
  • Legerwood Memorial Tree carvings, near Bridport
  • Highview,  Ringarooma - gardens of John and Rae Wardlaw
  • Cloverlea Gardens, Branxholm -  gardens of Beryl Duffy
  • Mara Ponds, Branxholm - gardens of Anne and John Beggs
  • Canice Garden, near Branxholm - gardens of Eileen and Frank Edwards
  • Muskfield Rd, Jetsonville, near Scottsdale - gardens of Denise Boyle
  • Oakdene Gardens, Jetsonville - gardens of Sheryl and Gregg Martin
  • Springfield cottage garden of Eleanor Brown


(above) Leighlands Rd, Evandale - Garden of the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Co.

A house and garden, overgrown with blackberries and pines, have been restored to its former glory.  Studded with exotics from India and Asia, including a huge Tulip Tree, alongside heritage roses and abundant topiary, the gardens sit on gentle slopes of glacial moraines, and look out across  the meandering stream-plains of the South Esk River.


(above) Dunedin, St Leonards, Launceston. Garden of Annabell Scott.

Enfolded in the thick green arms of immaculately clipped hedging, this glorious garden features up-sized blooms and foliage from all over the world. Spring-water-quenched, sheep-manured and poppy-trash-mulched, extraordinarily-sized and coloured foliage provided surprises everywhere.


(above) Legerwood Memorial Tree carvings, near Bridport - 9 huge tree stumps have been carved intricately, to honor of local soldiers killed in WW1.


(above) Highview, Ringarooma- garden of John and Rae Wardlaw

Set high above the rolling green plains, this oasis of peace houses a sequence of rooms, with surprise-vistas emerging as you wander - here the tulip tree's low branches allowed us a close encounter with the green blooms. Irises and roses abound.  TGF members especially marvelled at the spacious and verdant fruit and vegetable gardens.


(above) Cloverlea, Branxholm -  garden of Beryl Duffy

A dense cottage garden of old-world charm, with narrow paths winding through dense canopy of camellias (like the tight forest that surrounded the castle of the Sleeping Beauty), studded with fairy-tale trinkets and an abundance of irises . A newer garden section beyond the camellia-forest looked out over the green and fertile hills of this area.


 (above) Mara Ponds, Branxholm- gardens of Ann and John Beggs

A tranquil oasis at the edge of eucalypt forest, featuring a large spring-dfed dam above manicured terraces and artistically designed gardens, with exotic foliage chosen for their colour and texture. Garden sculptures abound, peeking out from the dense foliage.


(above) Canice Garden, Tasman Highway, near Branxholm -garden of Eileen and Frank Edwards

Passing through the intriguing "Hole in the Wall' a surprise garden waits. Immaculately tended, this green, treed oasis lies beside the Tasman Highway, but traffic noises fade in the delightful experience of room after cool green room of immaculately tended flower beads , textured shrubbery and shady trees. A special highlight is the 'Yin-Yan' garden - curvaceous box hedging with silver-mauve flower-infilling, within the 'Healing Garden'.


(above) Muskfield Rd, Jetsonville (near Scottsdale) garden of Denise Boyle

Set in the baby-pink blankets of flowering poppies, and protected by a thick hedge of conifer, this developing Japanese-style garden features irises, roses and many cottage-garden varieties, and several bountiful vegetable gardens. The rich brown soil is mixed with poppy-trash, and the resultant vegies and flowers are colorful, abundant and huge.


(above) Oakdene Gardens, Jetsonville - Sheryl and Gregg Martin.
The grounds feature cleverly-quirky sculptures made from farm implements. The cool, lush and colorful gardens wind around the treasure-trove museums of pioneering and farming implements, and womens' vintage clothing. An impressively large ship-on-the-lake area is under development,


(above)  Springfield - cottage garden of Eleanor Brown

Set high on the hillside, this small cottage garden shows love and care - and a green-thumb. Eleanor's generously gave out armfulls of cuttings to eagerly accepting Forum members.