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Plasticwise Taroona

What's happening?

Our community clothes mending workshop will be held on Monday 9 April 2018 in Taroona at the Picnic Basket Cafe from 6:30-8:30pm. People can bring along their clothes to mend rather than throw them away, and learn useful skills like how to sew buttons on, fix seams, make patches, darn woollen clothes and adjust the hems on pants and skirts. To the wonderful people who have volunteered to share your sewing skills, I will be in touch soon with more details! For others, who would like to come along and learn how to mend your clothes, please register here so we know how many people to expect :) 
We are still looking for a couple of old slow cookers for our beeswax wrap making workshops at the Taroona Primary School on 26 March, so please get in touch if you have one you are happy to part with!


Plasticwise Taroona

A small group of Taroona residents are creating Tasmania’s first bag library!

Bag libraries reduce the use of plastic bags by providing people with a free, fun, sustainable alternative – a bag made out of recycled materials, sewn by volunteers from the community.

This is just the beginning! Taroona is now part of a grassroots initiative gaining momentum around the world to reduce the use of plastic bags, one bag at a time.

Here is how you can be involved:

  • Spread the word!
  • Join the Plasticwise Taroona Facebook Page and keep up to date with the news
  • Donate material and thread. Second-hand materials are suitable for making bags (we can make bags out of anything, I promise you - curtains, linen, pillow cases, t-shirts, trousers etc etc). There is a box at the Picnic Basket Cafe for donated materials.
  • Help us make bags by coming along to a sewing bee at the Picnic Basket Cafe. No sewing skills required! We need people with a whole range of skills to cut, sew, pin, iron and screen print. This project is not just about bags, but about getting together as a community to do something positive, create and learn from each other.

Hill Street Grocer

Did you know that.... Hill Street Grocer currently gives away over 1.7 million plastic bags each year. Through our work facilitating and supporting Hill Street to go plastic bag free from 1 November 2017, we have stopped this enormous flow of plastic bags from ending up in landfill and our oceans - every year into the future! So thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us so far (cutting, sewing, ironing, printing, emailing, spreading the word, trawling social media with me etc etc) - we couldn't have achieved any of this without you.

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