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Notes and hints and tips from workshops

Winter workshop with David Stephen

Held at the garden on 11 July 2010


  • At this time of year Broad beans will take about a month to show above the soil. 
  • Plant potatoes 8 inches deep if you have the soil depth.
  • Brassica seedlings can be planted in about 6 weeks. You can start growing your seedlings from seed now in trays however. When planting  brassica seedlings, make sure they are planted deeply so that they do not flop sideways and tqwist as they grow.
  • Peas can be planted now. Green feast bush peas are a good variety. A good tip is to plant each seed  beside a bamboo stake (about 800 mm) and when the seedlings emerge maulch them with hay or dries grass to support them while their tendrils gain a hold on the stake. Plant a few, then when they flower (7 weeks from planting) plant the next batch to ensure a continuous crop.
  • Spinach can be planted at end of July.


Our soils are magnesium deficient. Dolomite (fine crushed) from Smithton is recommended as it contains magnesium.

A good recipe is to mix equal quantities of dolomite and gypsum, and apply at about 2 fistfuls per square metre. Damp it down before mixing to eliminate dust.


David then demonstrated and explained the pruning of our fruit trees.